Samara Beach on the Nicoya Peninsula is a favorite destination among Costa Ricans and is beloved by visitors from across the globe, drawing families as well as couples alike with its laidback, laidback atmosphere.

Samara’s main beach is protected by an offshore coral reef, making it perfect for swimming and snorkeling, as well as sport fishing. Additionally, there are bays nearby that are excellent locations for this activity.


Surfing has a rich and longstanding history dating back thousands of years. At first it served purely utilitarian purposes – using waves as an aid to quickly return to shore on boats, kayaks or canoes. Today it remains both fun and sport.

Surfing has long been considered an exhilarating and engaging activity, testing one’s skills while experiencing the thrill of riding breaking waves. Even those new to surfing may find the experience enjoyable!

Samara offers various lessons tailored to suit your individual needs and level, with beginner lessons available directly on the beach and more advanced sessions arranged through local surf schools.

For an adventurous day trip, there are half-day Costa Rica surfing tours offering more challenging conditions at nearby beaches or snorkeling tours to Isla Chorro which forms part of a reef that protects Samara from large ocean swells.


Snorkeling provides an exciting glimpse into the underwater world and can be one of the most fulfilling activities on any beach vacation. Visitors to snorkel sites are able to observe marine life uninhibited by human interaction, similar to going on safari.

Snorkeling often introduces people to places they never considered visiting before and can become the start of incredible journeys. From reefs and marine life, to breathtaking beauty of its coral formations and colors – snorkeling offers so much!

Are you looking to try snorkeling during your Costa Rica beach vacation? Samara provides guided snorkel tours tailored for all ages and skill levels – with hotel pickup/dropoff.


Hiking is an excellent beach vacation activity to immerse yourself in nature. Costa Rican national parks provide plenty of hiking options suitable for hikers of all levels of experience.

Wherever you go, the terrain can range from rocky to dusty or even unpaved; sometimes even filled with rocks, bushes and twigs.

Samara offers several excellent hiking spots, but La Roca Waterfall stands out as being a short hike with few crowds during weekday visits.

Palo Verde National Park offers another exciting trip option, where visitors can take part in river tours and discover a tropical dry forest environment that’s rarely found elsewhere in Costa Rica – perfect for seeing some unique species and learning about its special charm!


Samara Costa Rica offers the perfect beach vacation, offering tranquil beauty with plenty of wildlife to be found. A favorite among both locals and tourists, this seaside town stands out as a gem on Costa Rica’s west coast.

Apart from being an idyllic beach for unwinding and relaxation, Playa Grande also stands out as being one of Costa Rica’s safest beaches due to the offshore coral reef that lies off shore. As such, this beach has long been popular among families and those looking for an intimate vacation experience.

Also in this area is a macaw parrot center dedicated to increasing their numbers through breeding programs. Visit them today and you may get lucky enough to witness hundreds of these beautiful birds returning for food!