Travel is one of the primary contributors to global climate change, yet choosing more eco-friendly modes of travel is a simple way to reduce emissions and help fight against it. By opting for public transit instead of air travel and taking short journeys by car you can make a substantial contribution in this fight against climate change.

Samara offers many eco-friendly accommodations, making it the ideal place for visitors looking to connect with nature, venture off the beaten path and experience Pura Vida.

1. Choose your accommodation wisely

If you’re visiting Samara, it is wise to select your accommodation with care. Many hotels specialize in eco-friendly practices and sustainability initiatives – these should be taken into consideration before making your reservations.

Selecting an eco-friendly hotel will not only save money but will also protect the environment by minimizing resource waste and helping preserve biodiversity. To find an eco-friendly accommodation, simply look out for its green rating on its website or read their reviews.

Samara may be small, but it still boasts plenty of offerings for families. Families appreciate its sandy beaches and family-oriented atmosphere.

2. Take the train or bus

Train or bus travel are ideal ways to traverse Samara when travelling with limited time and luggage, both being relatively cost-effective options that provide safe, comfortable journeys.

Samara Metro is the city’s public transportation system. Consisting of one line and 10 stations covering an approximate 12 kilometer route.

Trains run throughout the week at intervals between 10-12 minutes; during peak times there may be additional delays.

Journey time between Yungorodok terminal station and Alabinskaya station takes approximately 21 minutes.

If trains aren’t your thing, buses operate between Kurumoch International Airport and Samara city centre every 20 minutes and offer an affordable alternative.

Find eco-friendly attractions in this vibrant city such as Samara Farmers Market or learning pottery-making techniques from Chorotega people or visiting an animal refuge.

3. Avoid littering

Be it traveling by rental car, scooter or walking, it is crucial that you avoid littering. Even small things such as gum wrappers or lunch wrappers can quickly add up and make cleanup harder when reaching waste receptacles or reaching your destination.

A key way to stop littering while traveling is having a designated container for collecting trash – though this might not seem like much, every step helps reduce landfill waste and our environmental footprint.

Samara Beach in Costa Rica boasts one of the most breathtaking stretches of sand in all of Costa Rica, protected by a coral reef that takes the force of Pacific storms into account, creating an idyllic environment perfect for swimming and surfing.