Samara is a popular destination for surfers and water sports enthusiasts, especially beginners. Playa Samara’s white-sand beach offers ideal conditions for beginners, with calm waves that provide safe conditions.

Serious surfers can also benefit from C & C Surf School. Conveniently located directly on the beach, this surf camp provides the ideal platform for newcomers and intermediate surfers to start out in this exciting sport.


Samara has long been famous for its beautiful beaches that provide surfers with ample waves throughout the year. Water sports, in particular surfing and water skiing, play an integral role in its culture. It should come as no surprise then that surf culture and watersports play an integral part in Samara.

Starting surfboarding in Samara can be achieved in several ways. From taking lessons or signing up with one of the local surf schools for tours.

Not only can you surf nearby islands, but kayak and snorkel tours on Isla Chora are also very popular.

Surfing is an exhilarating sport that demands technique, strength and strategy – enjoyed by millions around the globe.


Kayaking is an enjoyable way to discover Samara’s picturesque waters, offering peaceful and clear waters while kayaking through towering cliffs and along hidden beaches.

Kayaking can be an enjoyable activity that also benefits your physical and mental wellbeing. Kayaking releases certain chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine that help relieve stress while simultaneously increasing self-confidence.

Kayaking also helps strengthen your core muscles, as the movement requires using legs to propel the boat forward; thus engaging lower back, abs and obliques as part of its practice.

Kayaking can also provide an ideal opportunity to gain greater insights into nature. Kayaking provides a fantastic chance to spot wildlife and learn more about the environment at Samara Beach.


Snorkeling is an exciting way to explore the sea, and Samara provides plenty of opportunities to see marine life. Bottlenose dolphins can often be seen year-round while migrating whales may appear during certain seasons.

To maximize your snorkeling experience, ensure that you purchase or rent the appropriate equipment and know basic water safety & hazard prevention practices. Being aware of and avoiding aquatic animals like jellyfish, scorpion fish, fire coral, sea urchins or stingrays can keep you safe while you explore the ocean.

Samara offers another popular activity – kayaking. To reach Isla Chora, an island off its coast with reefs and beaches perfect for beginners. Kayak rentals may also be available if this activity interests you.

Boat Tours

Boat tours offer an ideal way to experience the beauty and marine life surrounding Samara Bay. Kayak to nearby islands, snorkel nearby reefs or even take part in dolphin watching excursions (check our post for recommendations in Samara).

Stand-up paddleboarding offers another exciting way to explore the water. These large boards can be used both in the ocean and river environments and make for an exciting way to spend time outdoors.

Join a guided kayaking trip through mangrove tunnels and across Camaronal Beach to Camaronal Beach, learning more about these unique ecosystems while getting to spend some time relaxing on the beach!